Water Tunnels - These tunnels were built in 1898-1901 under the instruction of Mr Japie Ltz, a self-trained engineer. There are 2 tunnels: 3-4m wide, 2,5 high and 97 & 172m long. These diameters are astounding considering that they were dug by hand.

Water-wheels - This is a unique, interesting and economical method of distributing water to higher lands. There are 11 water-wheels in use and can be seen along the main road or on canals running through the vineyards. They attribute largely to the identity of Kakamas.

Transformer Building - Based on an Egyptian design, Kakamas and Egypt being equidistant from the equator, this building supplied Kakamas with power in 1912-1914 from the first hydro-electric power station in South-Africa. It is a National Monument.

Neus Weir - The weir lies on the Orange River approximately half an hour's drive from Kakamas along the scenic Rockery Route. It is the first cylindrical weir with a smooth overflow to be used in the country. This R188 million project is 936 meters long and approximately 6 meters high.

German Graves - The graves can be found approximately 4 km outside Kakamas. They are a remembrance of a battle fought between the South African troops and German soldiers on 4 February 1915. Six out of seven graves which were found, were re-buried at the foot of the hill and has since been declared a National Monument.

Orange River Wine Cellars Co-op - Established in 1974, this is one of the branches of the second largest Wine Co-operatives in the world. Award winning wines are available for tasting and purchasing Monday to Friday between 08h30-12h45 and 14h00-17h00.(Saturdays:08h30-11h30) Guided and unguided tours are available.

South African Dried Fruit Co-op - Established in 1970, this is the receiving depot of the countrywide South-African Dried Fruit Co-op. A large variety of the dried fruit of sunny South Africa is on sale Monday to Thursday from 07h15-12h15 and 12h45-17h00; Friday 07h15-12h15 and 12h45-15h45.

Flower Tours - After the spring rains follows one of the most unforgettable sights in the Namakwaland - flower carpets in nature!  Let us at the Kalahari Gateway Hotel take you on a private, guided tour to experience this wonder of nature first hand.

National Parks
On the doorstep of Kakamas are two of the biggest and best known attractions of the Northern Cape. The Augrabies Falls National Park and the world renowned Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

Augrabies Falls National Park - "Augrabies Falls National Park is a national park located around the Augrabies Falls, about 40 km north west of Kakamas. It was established in 1966.

The Augrabies Falls National Park covers an area of 820 km and stretches along the Orange River. The area is very arid. The waterfall is about 60 metres high and is awe-inspiring when the river is in flood. The gorge below the falls averages about 240 m deep and runs for 18 kilometres."  (Source:  Wikipedia)

Manie Maritz Fort - One of the largest conservation sites in the Augrabies Falls National Park is a Boer War fort called Manie Maritz se Fort, which is assumed to have been used by Boer General Maritz as a supply station.

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park - This is for the more adventurous 4X4 traveller.  "Kgalagadi means place of thirst. The park is located largely within the southern Kalahari Desert. Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is a large wildlife preserve and conservation area in southern Africa. The park straddles the border between South Africa and Botswana and comprises two adjoining national parks: Kalahari Gemsbok National Park in South Africa and Gemsbok National Park in Botswana. The total area of the park is 38,000 square kilometres (15,000 sq mi). Approximately three-quarters of the park lies in Botswana and one-quarter in South Africa." (Source:  Wikipedia)

Riemvasmaak - The history of the people of Riemvasmaak is a rich but sad one.  In terms of the apartheid policies of the previous government the people of Riemvasmaak were forcefully removed in 1973/74 to Namibia and the Eastern Cape.  The people we repatriated in 1994.  Riemvasmaak offers the tourist a variety of activities as well as breathtaking, rugged beauty. Accommodation is available in comfortable chalets.  (Source:  http://www.greenkalahari.co.za/index.php/riemvasmaak)